Website Hosting, SEO & Webmaster services

Webmaster Services
Webmaster Services

We’ll update your website, adding text, pictures and other content you provide, up to 2hours worth every month. Since adding new blog posts and images takes a few minutes at most, you can get a LOT of updates in every month.

We can also install & configure plugins and make edits to your design and layout. This is a complete webmaster service!

BONUS: if your website uses WordPress, we will include our WordPress Backup, Security & Updates service for FREE.

WordPress Backup, Security & Updates

WordPress is a great, secure system – if you keep it updated. Plugins are updated regularly as security holes are found and patched. If your WordPress installation isn’t up to date, your website – and, by extension, your business – is vulnerable to hackers.

And if you get hacked, you need to have a backup so you get can back online as quickly as possible.

Our WordPress Backup, Security & Updates service gives you peace of mind by taking care of all of this for just $19 a month. We will setup daily backups and keep WordPress and all of your themes and plugins up to date – and fix your website in case you get hacked.

How much is this peace of mind worth to you?

Use our monthly WordPress Maintenance service to stop worrying about your website and focus your energy on your business.  The monthly service includes:

  • WordPress updates: WordPress usually rolls out two major updates every year, with many minor updates between them.  The updates – especially the minor ones – often fix security loopholes.  We’ll make sure your website stays up to date and secure.
  • Plugin updates: Just like WordPress, the plugins used on a site are updated to add features and patch security holes.  We’ll make sure your plugins are always up to date.
  • Security monitoring: We’ll monitor your site for malware and be proactive about finding and preventing problems.
  • Backup services: We’ll back up your database daily and backup your complete site – database and files – weekly so you’ll always be prepared for the worst.

WordPress Installation with ongoing security

We'll install and configure WordPress for you (on your server or ours) and make sure everything is running like a well-oiled engine. We'll install and configure your theme, tune your site for fast page loads and secure it. After setup is complete the service continues monthly for $19/mo to continue keeping your website backup and secure.

  • WordPress Installation
  • Theme Installation
  • Theme Configuration
  • Security Configuration
  • Backup Configuration
  • Performance tuning
  • Contact Form
  • Free Plugins Installation
  • SEO Ready
  • Email Marketing Configuration
Shared Hosting
WordPress Hosting

Our basic hosting package is 1 WordPress website and includes the following features:

  • 1 WordPress install
  • DirectAdmin control panel
  • Customized site security
  • Daily offsite backups
  • Daily malware & security scanning
  • Automatic site updates
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 3 gb disk quota
  • 10gb monthly bandwidth
  • Free site restoration in case of server failure
  • Free site cleaning, debugging & restoration in case of hacking
  • 5 email forwarders (no full email accounts)


We also offer free WordPress migration service for all new customers.